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Giving Back To The Community

At Sheela Stark Law Group, APC, we are committed to giving back to the local community, including helping families with special needs children, as well as veterans, through various charitable contributions. Please see the details below and call us today to join our Giving Back Program at 909-675-1545.

Special Needs Kids

At the Sheela Stark Law Group, APC, we are committed to giving back to the local community by providing monthly pro-bono conservatorship services to families with special needs individuals.

Ms. Stark has personally been through the experience of having her special needs brother, who has cerebral palsy, require a Limited Conservatorship of the Person once he turned 18. She observed many mothers, fathers, and other family members appear in court, bringing their adult disabled children in without any legal help and just trying to struggle through the legal system. From that moment on, Ms. Stark offered pro-bono (free) services to low-income* families who have a special needs child nearing adult age and are in need of a Conservatorship of the Person for their disabled child.

Unlike legal aid agencies that only fill out paperwork for you and then send you off to deal with court investigators, social workers, and court-appointed attorneys, Ms. Stark will be by your side every step of the conservatorship process until it is complete. Ms. Stark will personally deal with the regional center issues, as well as appear for all court investigator visits and court-appointed attorney visits to your home. Ms. Stark will appear on your behalf in court and will guide you through every step of the process. Ms. Stark has committed to providing pro-bono Conservatorships ​to at least one family every month.

Please protect your child’s health insurance/Medi-Cal, Social Security Income, Education Rights, Medical Decision Rights, and Living Arrangements by contacting the Sheela Stark Law Group, APC, at 909-675-1545 to start your child’s conservatorship process.

*income verification required

Please inquire as to our waiting list and if your income qualifies by calling Sheela Stark Law Group, APC, at 909-675-1545.


Through her charity work for special needs children, Attorney Stark met many disabled veterans who needed legal services in various areas of law.

At the Sheela Stark Law Group, APC, we are committed to supporting our troops and will offer reduced low-bono/sliding scale fees to veterans* in any area of legal service offered by our office.

Contact the Sheela Stark Law Group, APC, at 909-675-1545 for any of your legal needs.

*Military ID Required: CAC, Uniformed Services, DD214, State Issued Veteran’s ID, or other proof on a case-by-case basis

Another Way

Another Way is a non-profit charity that is close and dear to Ms. Stark’s heart. Another Way’s purpose is to fund the unmet emergency needs of Inland Regional Center consumers and their family members who meet its financial criteria and who are ineligible for assistance from the existing network of community resources. Another Way helps pay for rent, utilities, food, clothing, mobility equipment, medications, dental work, burials, and other such necessities.

Sheela Stark Law Group, APC, is an active donor and sponsor for Another Way events to help raise funds for their incredible and much-needed charitable purpose.

If you would like more information about Another Way or to donate, ​contact the Sheela Stark Law Group, APC, at 909-675-1545.